“One of my biggest passions for sending students abroad is opening up their perspectives and their world views to see that maybe there are other ways of thinking about things” – Jamie Fleming 


  • Why Jamie decided to study abroad [0:47]
    • Three different locations! (but be aware of the challenges)
  • Rolling up her sleeves and crafting her own journey [2:24]
  • Bad luck with visas [4:31]
  • Moving to northern Ireland and France after graduation [5:47]
  • Reaching out to students who haven’t had the opportunity to travel through faculty led programming [7:24] 
  • “I’m not the same person I was when I graduated high school” [8:40]
  • Why Jamie chose to work at Purdue University Fort Wayne [10:02]
    • Lot’s of development happening in Indiana’s second largest city
  • Recommendations [11:46]

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