In another Study Abroadcast first, Michael Bittinger and Stefanie Walsh give a dual interview as advisor, and student, respectively. They both have stories, they both give encouragement, and they both agree that you should study abroad more than once, and give practical advice on how to do so in this episode. 


  • Finding a program that was a perfect fit [1:30]
  • What Michael tells students about studying abroad [2:50]
    • Why your major doesn’t need to dictate study abroad
  • Receiving multiple forms of financial aid [3:30]
  • The Purdue Moves Initiative [4:33]
  • Stefanies living and class situation [5:37]
  • Faculty led programming [7:15]
    • Going to a new destination almost every other day
    • Understanding the differences
  • Visiting other countries [8:56]
    • Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Belgium, Spain, England, Rome
  • Over 70 Faculty Led programs at Purdue [9:51]
    • Going over spring or winter break
  • Almost missing a flight [12:42]
  • Vulture droppings! [15:40]
  • Dutch pancakes [19:00]
  • How studying abroad has changed Stefanie’s view of the world [19:49]
    • The importance of community
    • People having your back
    • Adapting to different laws and values
  • How studying abroad affected Stefanie’s major [23:15]
  • Thinking you’re inter-culturally competent [24:44]
    • Encountering a wide range of experiences
  • Why Stefanie decided to go to Purdue [26:39]
  • Why Michael decided to work at Purdue [28:07]
  • Recommendations
  • Final Advice if you’re thinking about studying abroad [32:35]

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