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“To be in a country where you don’t speak fluently and you struggle to express yourself [. . . ], it made me so sympathetic, empathetic for people who are in countries where they’re not a native speaker but they’re trying, because I never really knew how difficult it is to represent yourself in a natural way.” — Tiffany Ferguson (@tferg__)

Tiffany Ferguson is hustling. She’s got a wildly successful Instagram page (linked☝️), Youtube channel (linked👇), and Twitter account (linked right here) 👈

If blending your interests with your major, and having fun while you are doing it sound interesting to you, you should give this one a listen. If you want to graduate and have more than a piece of paper to show for it you should ALSO listen.

She hasn’t graduated yet, but it seems like she has.


I transferred (twice) and so did Tiffany, from California to New Orleans; then studied abroad in France, and finally moved to New York where she’s now happily enrolled at Hunter College. She addresses the moving pains associated with transfers in her interview.

Oh, I almost forgot; she studied abroad in Aix-en-Provence 🇫🇷, which is where her “mandatory baguette” picture above is from. Her interests are in film and media, and mine kind of are too. So we had fun, and that means you will as well.

Vive La France! 👩‍🎨🥖🎞


  • Deciding to study in France through ISEP ✈ [1:30] 
  • Immersing in French Studies with the SUFLE program 📝 [7:19] 
  • Sightseeing in and around France via Flixbus 🚌 [11:29] 
  • Living out of a backpack while traveling 🎒[14:56] 
  • Eating vegan in a culinary capital 🍞 [18:44] 
  • Gaining respect for non-native speakers living in different countries 🙌 [20:43] 
  • The troubles of transferring schools while studying abroad 😧 [22:47] 
  • Future studies and the impact of studying abroad on her Youtube channel (166K subscribers and climbing) 💲 [25:35]
  • Media recommendations and final quote  📖 [29:15] 

Are You Thinking About Transferring? [Infographic]


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