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Jamie Fleming On The Importance Of Study Abroad

 “One of my biggest passions for sending students abroad is opening up their perspectives and their world views to see that maybe there are other ways of thinking about things” – Jamie Fleming 


  • Why Jamie decided to study abroad [0:47]
    • Three different locations! (but be aware of the challenges)
  • Rolling up her sleeves and crafting her own journey [2:24]
  • Bad luck with visas [4:31]
  • Moving to northern Ireland and France after graduation [5:47]
  • Reaching out to students who haven’t had the opportunity to travel through faculty led programming [7:24] 
  • “I’m not the same person I was when I graduated high school” [8:40]
  • Why Jamie chose to work at Purdue University Fort Wayne [10:02]
    • Lot’s of development happening in Indiana’s second largest city
  • Recommendations [11:46]