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South Africa and Reacting to Covid with Chelsi Colleton

Chelsi Colleton Amherst

“It showed me that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did” Chelsi Colleton

Chelsi Colleton knew from a very young age that she wanted to study abroad, and she did just that when she went to South Africa. In this episode we’ll hear about her multiple trips, and how Amherst College reacted to / is reacting to Covid-19, and what’s changed since the pandemic.

This is a very good listen if you’re interested in international education as a possible major or career choice, but still checks all the boxes if you’re down to hear some classic study abroad stories.


  • Knowing she wanted to study abroad from a young age [1:15] 🧒
  • Choosing where to go with limited options [1:47] 🗺
  • Grants and scholarships [2:47] 💰
  • Fears and doubts [3:30] 😰
  • A typical day in the life [4:41] 📚
    • Working in an after school program
    • Cape Town bound
  • Swimming with the sharks [7:15] 🦈
    • Victoria Falls
  • Illegally crossing the boarder into Zambia [10:18] ⛔️
  • South African cuisine and Nando’s [11:30] 🍗
  • Living amongst vineyards [12:47] 🍷
  • What studying abroad did for Chelsi [14:10] 🌍
    • Getting more focused
    • An Amherst interest in non traditional locations [15:30]
  • A study abroad director’s recollection of the state of study abroad during Covid [16:19] 🦠
  • Chelsi’s book recommendations [20:30] 📗
  • Chelsi’s advice if you’re on the fence [22:30] 🙌
Chelsi Colleton in South Africa