Claudia Gonzalez Talks About Her Faculty Led Programs in China

“What is there to think about? What are you fearing?” — Claudia Gonzalez In this episode Claudia Gonzalez took a break from obtaining a Master’s degree and sat down for a few minutes to discuss her faculty led programmed trips to China…both of them. That’s right! Claudia actually went to China twice. Listen to this […]

Why You Should Study Abroad Through a Faculty Led Program

Faculty led programming is defined as…wait a minute, there isn’t really a definition for faculty led programs which is why I decided to write a blog post about it. So I’m going to give it my best shot: faculty led programming is a few professors traveling with a group of students for a shorter period […]

Faculty Led WWII Focused Study Abroad With Kate Greer

“I promise it will be the most impactful experience that you do during your undergraduate or graduate career” — Kate Greer 🦘 Kate Greer is a history major at The Ohio State University and she was able to take a special faculty led trip to Europe to gain a greater understanding of WWII. This three week program consisted […]

Citrus College Study Abroad with John Morris

Life for Citrus College study abroad students was different during the pandemic and John Morris sits down with us today to tell us exactly what it was like. Also, as luck would have it, John actually studied abroad immediately after 9/11, so he shares what that was like as well. SHOW NOTES A little about […]

Jamie Fleming On The Importance Of Study Abroad

 “One of my biggest passions for sending students abroad is opening up their perspectives and their world views to see that maybe there are other ways of thinking about things” – Jamie Fleming  SHOW NOTES  Why Jamie decided to study abroad [0:47] Three different locations! (but be aware of the challenges) Rolling up her sleeves […]

Stefanie Walsh and Michael Bittinger On Why You Should Study Abroad More Than Once

In another Study Abroadcast first, Michael Bittinger and Stefanie Walsh give a dual interview as advisor, and student, respectively. They both have stories, they both give encouragement, and they both agree that you should study abroad more than once, and give practical advice on how to do so in this episode.  SHOW NOTES Finding a program that […]

Combatting Sex Trafficking in Spain & Morocco With Kirsten Queoff

“Learning how to understand and be comfortable in uncomfortable situations helped me, and I learned from them” — Kirsten Queoff In this interview we hear about Kirsten’s “GLOBAL HEALTH AND HUMAN RIGHTS TRAINING IN SPAIN AND MOROCCO TO COMBAT SEX-TRAFFICKING” faculty led program. The interview is different from any other interview I’ve conducted on The Study […]

How Dr. Geoff Bradshaw is Revolutionizing International Education

“To study abroad is something that leverages us in a way that most other types of learning just doesn’t do.” — Dr. Geoff Bradshaw, Madison College Hong Rost Leadership Award winner, Dr. Geoff Bradshaw has overseen international education at Madison College for the past several years and has been an integral part in the school’s […]

¢.18 Beers and $10 Sushi With Brandon Losh & Johnny Felsenthal

Brandon Losh and Johnny Felsenthal did Semester at Sea and Berlin about as good as you can do it. They’re great friends who studied abroad in different locations at the same time and actually missed visiting each other by a two weeks. One of the ongoing themes throughout The Study Abroadcast is that they system just […]