“Learning how to understand and be comfortable in uncomfortable situations helped me, and I learned from them” — Kirsten Queoff

In this interview we hear about Kirsten’s “GLOBAL HEALTH AND HUMAN RIGHTS TRAINING IN SPAIN AND MOROCCO TO COMBAT SEX-TRAFFICKING” faculty led program.

The interview is different from any other interview I’ve conducted on The Study Abroadcast because of the subject matter. Kirsten does a great job of explaining her time, and what the program consisted of while she was moving between the two countries. 


  • Experience out of the country [1:31]
  • Choosing a program in sync with her interests [2:54]
    • Combatting women in sex trafficking
  • Receiving a scholarship [7:09]
    • A trip full of Badgers
  • Traveling to Africa [10:21]
    • Safety first
  • Living situation on a short, faculty led program [12:25]
    • Classwork on a short, faculty led program
    • A little time for exploration
  • A coincidence on the trip [15:54]
  • On to the food [18:07]
  • The timeline of Kirsten’s study abroad journey [20:05]
  • Changing Kirsten’s perception of the world [21:40]
    • Seeing sex trafficking differently 
  • Future plans for Kirsten [25:16]
    • A public health nurse that works with vulnerable populations
  • Why Kirsten chose to attend UW-Madison [26:37]
    • Living in Madison, WI
  • Recommendations
  • Advice  [32:05]
    • “It’s never too early to start thinking about study abroad”

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