Colleen Marchwick, Director of the Center For Global Education

“At the very least, visit your study abroad office and ask a question or two” — Colleen Marchwick

Colleen Marchwick UW - Eau Claire

Colleen Marchwick is the Director of the Center for International Education at UW-Eau Claire and teaches a great deal about the process of studying abroad in today’s interview.

Before serving in The Peace Corps for two years and obtaining her Master’s degree at Ohio University, Maureen received her undergraduate degree at St. Catherine University in St. Paul. She tells us about a study abroad guide that gets into the nitty gritty of what it means to potential employers, sheds some light on what faculty programming actually is, and we learn that it is possible to study abroad during your winter break.

Although Colleen gives us a recommendation on a study abroad guide to read, you may as well listen to the interview in its entirety as Colleen served as your own personal digital study abroad guide for about half an hour.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” — Lau Tzu


  • Foreign language in college and spending a year in France 🇫🇷 [3:10]
  • Serving in the Peace Corps for two years ✌️[4:00]
  • What it was like living in Morocco  🇲🇦 [5:42]
  • What happens to study abroad students 👨‍🎓[7:44]
  • AIFS article recommendation  📰 [9:05]
  • The multitude of study abroad options at UW-Eau Claire 🗺[9:45]
  • Standards of Good Practice recognition 👏 [11:27]
  • Studying abroad during winter break  🏂[13:30]
  • Faculty led programming 👩‍🏫 [14:44]
  • Colleen’s advice if you’re on the bubble about studying abroad 🙌 [15:46]
  • Why now is the time to travel ✈️ [19:00]
  • Traveling alone and meeting people from all walks of life 👩‍🎨 [20:28]
  • Colleen’s worldly food recommendations 🍤[22:25] 
    • The End of Elsewhere by Taras Grescoe. Colleen gives a great review and recommendation of the book which towards the end of the interview.

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