Kelly Burello Nigeria

“The premise was teaching them skills in western style mediation and negotiation so it would be easier to communicate with Nigeria in the Future” β€” Kelly Burello


  • Living in Nigeria as a child πŸ§’ [1:59]
  • Learning a difficult language πŸŽ“Β [3:33]
  • Doubts before leaving πŸ˜• [4:17]
  • Living in Nigeria after receiving the Boren Award πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ’Έ [5:23]
  • Exactly what Kelly did while she was in Nigeria πŸ˜‡ [6:26]
  • Going on an African road trip 🚍 [10:10]
    • Visiting SOS Schools ✏️
  • What you see in Africa πŸ‘“ [12:32]
  • If you like spicy food… πŸ₯˜ [14:49]
  • How the trip affected the trajectory of Kelly’s career 😎 [16:19]
  • Why Kelly decided to enroll at George Mason University πŸŽ“ [18:08]
  • Kelly’sΒ  recommendations πŸ™Œ [19:55]
  • Wrapping up πŸ”š

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