Botswana Bound in Africa With Lauren Goetze

“It matters where you go, but if you’re on the bubble, just go somewhere.” — Lauren Goetze I love when I interview someone and have to pull up the old maps to find out exactly where they went. That’s exactly what happened when I talked to Lauren about her trip to Botswana, which BTW is in the […]

Combatting Sex Trafficking in Spain & Morocco With Kirsten Queoff

“Learning how to understand and be comfortable in uncomfortable situations helped me, and I learned from them” — Kirsten Queoff In this interview we hear about Kirsten’s “GLOBAL HEALTH AND HUMAN RIGHTS TRAINING IN SPAIN AND MOROCCO TO COMBAT SEX-TRAFFICKING” faculty led program. The interview is different from any other interview I’ve conducted on The Study […]

Kelly Burello Discusses Scholarships and Studying Abroad in Nigeria

“The premise was teaching them skills in western style mediation and negotiation so it would be easier to communicate with Nigeria in the Future” — Kelly Burello SHOW NOTES Living in Nigeria as a child 🧒 [1:59] Learning a difficult language 🎓 [3:33] Doubts before leaving 😕 [4:17] Living in Nigeria after receiving the Boren Award […]

¢.18 Beers and $10 Sushi With Brandon Losh & Johnny Felsenthal

Brandon Losh and Johnny Felsenthal did Semester at Sea and Berlin about as good as you can do it. They’re great friends who studied abroad in different locations at the same time and actually missed visiting each other by a two weeks. One of the ongoing themes throughout The Study Abroadcast is that they system just […]

12.5 Places To Consider Studying Abroad

Ok, so here’s what I did: Every study abroad company compiles annual lists of the most popular study abroad destinations based on data from students that studied abroad with them. I looked at all the lists and simply combined them into one, super list, which you can find below. The beauty of it is that […]

Studying Abroad in Namibia With Michelle Andersen

“If I want to go and have this experience, or if I want to go and have this meaningful conversation, then what’s stopping me besides myself?” — Michelle Andersen   Michelle Andersen (First name IG, last name FB)  was one of the most well spoken guests I’ve had on the show to date. She went on […]

How Dr. Geoff Bradshaw is Revolutionizing International Education

“To study abroad is something that leverages us in a way that most other types of learning just doesn’t do.” — Dr. Geoff Bradshaw, Madison College Hong Rost Leadership Award winner, Dr. Geoff Bradshaw has overseen international education at Madison College for the past several years and has been an integral part in the school’s […]

My 3rd Podcast: Study Abroad in Los Angeles

  As I was playing with a new application I am using to record and distribute The Study Abroadcast I got a call from a student who was curios about about coming to the Los Angeles in order to study abroad in the country’s most popular study abroad city. Both of us were new to […]