Jeremy Doughty: Study Abroad Director at St. Norbert College

“I try to make my advisees understand that my study abroad experiences, work experiences, and personal travel experiences have altered the trajectory of my life” — Jeremy Doughty 🦘

Jeremy Doughty, who is the director of study abroad and off campus programs at St. Norbert College is quite well versed when it comes to international education. In high school, he went to Germany. In college, he went again. He’s served in the Peace Corps in Ukraine, planned summer study abroad programs in South Africa, and conducted research on effects of international service-learning programs on the community.

In this robust international education interview we hear Jeremy’s narrative on all of the above, plus get into what makes St. Norbert College’s study abroad program unique and why they consistently rank above the national average when it comes to the amount of students studying abroad and the length for which they go.

I apologize, but for some reason my end of the conversation was a little muffled this time around.

Jeremy’s book recommendations:

Educated by Tara Westover — “something that speaks to the power of education and grit”
Grit by Angela Duckworth


Duolingo – Jeremy’s language learning app of choice
Google Translate
Google Trips – Plan daily trips with with the swipe of the magic wand
Home Away – room rental while traveling abroad




  • Starting with Germany in high school 🇩🇪 [2:50]
  • Not knowing what to do after graduation 🎓 [5:11]
  • Spending time in The Peace Corps ✌️ [5:38]
  • The School For International Training 🏫 [6:27]
  • International education and graduate school 👨‍🏫 [6:53]
  • Advice for students thinking about studying abroad 🙌[9:20]
  • How studying abroad altered the trajectory of Jeremy’s life 🙋‍♂️ [9:45]
  • St. Norbert’s approach to international education 🗺 [10:00]
  • Student advice: start as early as possible [🏁11:30]
  • Comparing St. Norbert to national trends 👏 [12:40]
  • Why more students are studying abroad during the summer 🍉 [13:30]
  • A picnic with vodka in Ukraine 🧺 [15:25]
  • Having misconceptions about the world 🌍 [18:20]
  • Jeremy teaches us about Ukrainian food 🍲 [20:10]     
  • A South African dish you’ve probably never heard of 🥘 [22:01]
  • Jeremy’s book recommendation(s) 📚[25:02]


A Closer Look at Jeremy Doughty [Infographic]

Where Jeremy Doughty has lived and worked throughout his career

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