Jeff Cary breaks down the Boren Awards

This is an interview that I have been wanting to host for a long time. Jeff Cary is the guy that conducts webinars explaining what the Boren Awards are and how someone applying can increase their chance of receiving aid.

He does the same thing in this interview, but as a Boren winner himself, he tells his own story of learning Arabic while living in Jordan. Jeff is the first person I’ve interviewed that studied abroad in Jordan, and I’m seriously wondering if he’ll be the last.

The Boren is for people looking to learn a less mainstream language over an extended period of time.

If that doesn’t sound like you, don’t fret. There is plenty of great scholarship advice here for anyone interested in applying to any scholarship for for any amount.


    • The criteria for The Boren Awards and nsep [1:40]
    • What length of time will increase your chances of receiving an award [5:18]
    • The selection process and odds of receiving an award [7:48]
    • Amounts available [8:58]
    • Jeff’s background and learning Arabic in Jordan [10:10]
    • Life in Jordan [13:20]
    • Jeff and I discuss language fluency [16:22]
    • Visiting Petra in the summer [18:25]
    • Jordanian cuisine and Mansaf [22:53]
    • Where to start (and where not to) [26:24]
    • Jeff’s advice to students who getting ready to study abroad [30:49]
    • Standing out after graduation [33:01]
    • Receiving multiple scholarships [34:09]
    • A hidden gem called AIESEC [35:41]

The Boren Basics [Infographic]

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