Semester at Sea / Study Abroad in Berlin

Brandon Losh and Johnny Felsenthal did Semester at Sea and Berlin about as good as you can do it. They’re great friends who studied abroad in different locations at the same time and actually missed visiting each other by a two weeks.

One of the ongoing themes throughout The Study Abroadcast is that they system just worked;

it does work, why else do you think I’m doing the podcast…

Anyways, that could be more evident with this episode.

Detailed recollections

Close encounters

Late nights

All in a days work a semester’s trip.

They’re pretty funny, too. And it sounds more like you’re shooting the shit with them in their apartment than it does podcast interview.

So listen ⤴️, interviews like these are hard to beat.

“When music hits you feel no pain” – Bob Marley





  • Making the decision to study abroad 🤔 [2:14]
  • Johnny lived in Germany, and Brandon did a Semester at Sea Johnny 🇩🇪 [2:14] Brandon 🚢[2:46]
  • The art of finding a comparative vs selective study abroad experience ⚓️ [3:10]
  • Based in Berlin, but European bound 🇪🇺 [3:53]
  • Location selection and history led faculty trips 🏰 [4:46]
  • Getting money to study abroad 💸 [5:54]
  • Life at sea 🎓[6:24]
  • Holding it down in Berlin 🏘 [9:30]
  • Bonin West Africa for the Peace Corps 🇧🇯 [12:06]
  • Stops from the ship ⛴ [12:35]
  • Johnny turned loose in Europe 🇪🇺 [13:21]
  • The booze bus to Amsterdam 🚍🍻[13:58]
  • Getting mugged in the rape capital of the world 🇿🇦 [15:23]
  • On to the food (and drinks)…  🍱 [17:36]
  • Plans after graduation 🎓 [21:40]
  • No love for Trump in Germany 🇩🇪 [22:55]
  • Why Brandon decided to go to Drake 🎵 [25:31]
  • Justifying the $200,000+ education @ Drake 💰 [26:09]
  • Media recommendations 🙌[27:44]
  • Advice for others thinking about studying abroad (x4) 🧐 [28:40]

Two Years of Service, A Lifetime of Fulfillment [Infographic]

Brandon Losh and Johnny Felsenthal
Glacier National Park in Montana
Studying abroad
Looking for someone to add the finishing touches to my doodles. Experience with crayons preferred, but not required.

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