Corey Miller Semester at Sea
Corey and her classmates aboard the M.V. Odyssey

“I feel like I’ve grown so much in these past five months that I’m still me, just a better version” — Corey Miller

Exercise science major, Corey Miller couldn’t decide where to study abroad so she decided to study abroad everywhere. Yes, that is an option, and it comes in the form a ship.

That ship is called the M.V. Odyssey, and it comes in the form of a program known as Semester at SeaYou could honestly break this interview up into 11 parts, or at least four continents.


  • Deciding on a Semester at Sea and leaving the country for the first time 🛳 [1:52]
  • Meeting the best roommate ever 👩🏽 [5:06]
  • Getting shaken up in Ghana [7:22]
  • Shaving her head (see video below) 👇 [9:00]
  • Getting down with tea on the voyage 🍵 [13:08]
  • The ‘Golden Bridge‘ in Danang’s Ba Na Hills 🌉 [16:16]
  • Pho (and the correct pronunciation) 🍜 [17:25]
  • Camping on The Great Wall 🇨🇳 [18:33]
  • “The heart of anime land” 🗼[19:11]
  • Trying to bring it all back home 🌞 [23:05]
  • Corey’s advice [26:18]
Corey’s partner in crime and 1 in a Million Roommate

Corey Miller’s Voyage Around The World [Infographic]

Video of Corey Shaving Her Head

Corey Miller Shaving Her Head During Semester at Sea

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