How To Obtain The Perfect Internship Abroad with Karime Diaz

“Just keep learning and enhance your curiousity for the world around you” — Karime Diaz There is a fallacy out there that you can’t study abroad if you’re a student athlete. Karime Diaz, once a member of the Kean University Women’s Lacrosse team didn’t buy into this notion and talks about how she set up an […]

Studying Abroad in Prague with Hannah Lutz

“What I hear from everybody is ‘you’ll never regret going longer’” — Hannah Lutz  Hannah Lutz is the first student I’ve interviewed that studied abroad in Prague. She is also the first student that used CIEE, which is a great, non profit, 3rd party program to help you get to where you want to go. Her classes […]

Studying Abroad in Europe with Tiera Salitros

“When you’re in groups of people traveling you’re constantly worrying about those people” — Tiera Salitros  Tiera Salitros is a design major who is studying abroad in Rome right now through a special program at Iowa State. It’s special because she is technically still going to school at Iowa State this semester even though she is living […]

Studying (and interning) Abroad in Dublin With Jessica Kisluk

“It’s been an amazing experience because I’ve been planning events for networking between composers, directors, and writers.” – Jessica Kisluk 🦘 In this interview I talk with Jessica about her unique study abroad experience. Although she’s technically studying abroad for a semester, she will have spent the better part of this year in Europe due to […]

Interning in Australia With Lorenzo

“You gotta be able to go open minded, be able to adapt, and understand how to get what you want, and you’ll be fine” — Lorenzo Corrazin 🦘 Lorenzo Corrazin has been to every continent except Antarctica. He moved to the United States from Italy when he was 16 and is currently in Australia serving […]

How European Classes Differ From American Classes with McGlone

“Talk with people who’ve been where you want to go” – Connor McGlone 🦘 Connor McGlone is a marketing and supply chain management from the University of Pittsburg who is currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy. In this quick episode, Connor talks about transitioning to life in Florence and what he’s got planned for the […]

How To Decide Where To Study Abroad

I’d describe the beginning of the study abroad process as signing up for classes, finding a new apartment, and buying a car wrapped together. You hear the term “make or break” thrown around a lot. I won’t go so far as to say that a good relationship will either make or break your study abroad […]