Hannah Lutz in Prague

“What I hear from everybody is ‘you’ll never regret going longer'” — Hannah Lutz 

Hannah Lutz is the first student I’ve interviewed that studied abroad in Prague. She is also the first student that used CIEE, which is a great, non profit, 3rd party program to help you get to where you want to go.

Her classes were all in the same building, and because of this she got to see the same people on a daily basis and thus, got to know everyone she was with extremely well, which she explains in the interview.

Hannah was not limited to Prague. She also got to visit Budapest, Cracow, Ireland, Spain, Italy (twice), and go all over The Czech Republic.

“We’ll never get the chance to be in this place with these people in this moment again” — Hannah’s travel companion




  • Why Prague? [1:25]
  • Having an entire international building to yourself [2:40]
  • Classes and internship in Prague [3:31]
  • Exploring the rest of Europe [5:03]
  • Getting acclimated to the culture in Prague [6:38]
  • A close call with directions [8:20]
  • Czech food [10:52]
  • Prague Today and Skyscanner, and Flixbus [12:18]
  • Hannah’s advice to someone on thinking about studying abroad [13:44]
  • Advice from one of Hannah’s friends on the trip [15:39]

A Glimpse of Prague [Infographic]

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