Lorenzo Corrazin interning in Australia

“You gotta be able to go open minded, be able to adapt, and understand how to get what you want, and you’ll be fine” Lorenzo Corrazin 🦘

Lorenzo Corrazin has been to every continent except Antarctica. He moved to the United States from Italy when he was 16 and is currently in Australia serving an international credit requirement before he receives his degree in international business from Arizona State.

In addition to being current CAPA blogger, Lorenzo is also our first student who is interning for credit while abroad. If you listen to the podcast you’ll find that Lorenzo does a good job of sprinkling his international experience into the interview where we discuss his internship marketing a new nut, Australian cuisine, and what its been like living in so many different countries. 




  • Coming to the U.S. from Italy [1:11]
  • Why Lorenzo chose Australia [2:08]
  • Interning for credit abroad [3:58]
  • The baru nut [5:23]
  • Lorenzo’s take on Australia [8:49]
  • How Lorenzo’s view of the world has changed [11:15]
  • Lorenzo talks food [16:01]
  • Chicken schnitzel [16:50]
  • Australian cuisine [17:45]
  • Numbeo [20:40]

Lorenzo’s Journey [Infographic]

Lorenzo Corazzin: From Italy to Arizona to Australia

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