Timmy Bishop UW - Madison

“I think you build a lot of empathy and compassion for how others live and you can use that as a tool for the rest of your life” — Timmy Bishop

When the system ‘just works’ I get excited. That’s exactly what happened for Timmy Bishop. This UW – Madison Alum decided to study abroad in Bangkok, Thailand during the spring semester of his junior year.

He’s since graduated, but he talks about his trip like he just got back yesterday.

If you’re interested in Thailand, marketing, or a great story you should listen to this interview.

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire


  • What made Timmy want to study abroad? 🧐 [1:24]
  • Pushing yourself outside of your own comfort zone [3:48]
  • Thai living 🇹🇭[6:20]
  • Getting around language barriers 🇺🇸 [9:49]
  • “Everything from mountains to jungles, to oceans” 🏔🎋🌊 [11:09]
  • A two week meditation camp in Japan 🗾 [14:20]
  • Getting a full meal for a dollar or two 🥘[18:09] Mango sticky rice
  • Taking advantage of the exchange rate in Thailand 💰 [21:03]
  • Getting a different view of the world after returning home [23:34]
  • Why Timmy wanted to become a Badger 🦡 [27:27]
  • Plans after graduation 🎓 [30:36]
  • Rapid fire recommendations 🔥 [32:20]
  • Timmy’s advice to future study abroaders 🙌[36:08]

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