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Photo: Courtesy of The PIE News

Marty Tillman (@tillman_marty) and I met at The IIE Global Summit in NYC at The Grand Hyatt Hotel* a few months ago and really hit it off. We were introduced by Amy Baker (@amybakerThePIE) from The PIE News, which is a media company for professionals within the international education industry…which is exactly what Mr. Tillman is.

Instead of the traditional Q&A we focused more on the value that comes from studying abroad in the area of employability after ones return home and beyond.

I was tickled to find out that Marty had written an article that had been strongly recommended by one of my previous guests for anyone who is thinking about studying abroad.

Our government is actually quite bullish on international education as evidenced by the plenary speakers who were invited to speak at the event;


  • Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs,
  • Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  • Deputy Assistant Secretary for Academic Programs, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State
  • Defense Language and National Security Education
  • Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 

were all in attendance.

and gave memorable speeches (and discussions) on how the global economy is changing and how the education system needs to change with it fast.

*The Grand Hyatt was actually Donald Trump’s first hotel revitalization project in Manhattan and is actually slated to be torn down soon.


  • Decades of international education experience 📆 [2:36]
  • Getting a start at the SIT Institute and the issue of employability 🏫 [3:57]
  • The value of experiential learning 💪 [4:30]
  • The value study abroad brings to employment 😎 [5:53]
  • The importance of WHY 🌎 [9:15]
  • How to decide where to study abroad 🗺 [13:35]
  •  Why internships are more highly valued than a traditional study abroad program 👨‍💻 [16:50]
  • The AIFS Guide To Student And Career Development  📘 [17:38]
  • Interning in India During Graduate School and Masala Dosa 🇮🇳🥙 [21:39]
  • Reading a book by an author from your home country 📚 [23:20]
  • Marty’s advice to students who are on the bubble about studying abroad 🙌 [24:18]
  • Viewing studying abroad as a window that opens new opportunities 🧐 [25:36]


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