Julie Alagna of Semester at Sea

Instead of being in one location while you’re studying abroad, you’re actually going all around the world” — Julie Alagna

ALL ABOARD…Semester at Sea is an amazing opportunity. Julie Alagna did it herself, and now she works for them. If you’re at all interested in embarking on this incredible journey you should definitely tune into this podcast.

Julie covers just about everything from applying to scholarships at the beginning to signing up for classes to the living arrangements on board.

Interesting fact: Julie speaks fluent French, and we find out why early on in the interview.

Quote Julie would like to leave you with:

“A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to slowly be born.” — Antoine de Saint-Exuper

GPS Without The Tickets


  • How Semester at Sea is different than any other study abroad program [1:25]
  • Why Julie chose Semester at Sea [2:32]
  • $5 Million a year in scholarships and having awareness of what’s available [4:36]
  • A ship*, not a boat [6:33]
  • Signing up for classes [7:31]
  • When you can go [9:12]
  • Gaining a worldly view of, well, the world [10:13]
  • Professors you will be learning from [11:42]
  • Where the voyages go [13:29]
  • Living arrangements and options [15:05]
  • A days and B days [16:45]
  • The field requirement [18:27]
  • Khao Mun gai (this looks so good) [24:32]
  • The Daily and Getting Curious [26:20]
  • Julie’s explains the quote above [29:30]

14 Semester at Sea Awards To Help You Get On Board [Infographic]

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