Stacie Berdan really hit it out of the park in our interview today. If you want to ready yourself after graduation and learn what to be prepared for upon job interviews after you graduate regarding your time abroad, you should definitely give it a listen. 

Experience is an understatement with this best selling and award winning author, who tells us some travel stories of her own and gives great advice on the before, during and after of your study abroad trip. 


  • The path Stacie took to get to where she is today [1:20]
  • Becoming an author [2:16]
  • When is the best time to study abroad? [4:31]
    • What’s best for you? 
  • What is the best way to prepare for your study abroad journey? [6:32]
    • Thinking about your objective
  • How to maximize your time studying abroad [8:36]
  • Missing a connecting bus but rallying to get on it [10:31]
  • A lesson in not really understanding or knowing your audience well enough [14:41]
    • The importance of finding someone to help you interpret the culture
  • Food Stacie has missed from her travels [19:36]
    • Southern Indian food takes the cake, so to speak
  • Making the most of your experience after you return home [22:44]
    • Job interview and resume strategy 
  • Advice if you’re on the fence about studying abroad [28:46]

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