“It definitely opened my eyes to how spoiled we are in the U.S” — Che Moya

If you’re thinking about living abroad, or teaching abroad, then this post is definitely for you.

Che Moya lived in Asia for 7 years and met his wife in Thailand. Che does a great job of articulating his journeys and you will get juiced if you’re thinking about living, abroad.


  • Teaching in Asia for seven years [1:13]
    • Korea
    • Thailand
  • Why Che switched from Korea to Thailand [2:01]
    • Meeting his wife in Thailand and the reason for the return
  • Food Che misses the most[3:08]
    • Tteok-bokki
    • “Some of the street food here is better than restaurants in the U.S ” – Che on Thai food
  • Taking a 15 hour trip to Cambodia on dirt roads  [4:24]
  • Che’s view of the world after returning to the United States [6:00]
    • Advice from Che if you’re thinking about studying abroad
  • Why study abroad at Flint
    • Scholarships and exchanges
  • Recommendations [11:53]
  • Che’s living situation abroad [10:07]


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