“Once you’re out in the real world, and working, you might have more money, but you won’t have more time ” —  Kim Diehl de Yanes

Kim did great in this episode and made me feel like I was still in school getting international education advice in her office. Her story is unique, too, as she ended up living in Honduras for three years because of who she married. 

I’ll let Kim explain…


  • Getting her first international experience in high school through Michigan 4-H [1:19]
    • Going to Guayaquil, Ecuador 
    • Living in Honduras for three years 
  • Advice to students who are thinking about studying abroad [3:40]
    • FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)
  • Xavier’s study abroad programs
    • Semester program options
      • Regular Xavier tuition bill – costs dependent on the cost of living 
  • Xavier-specific study abroad programs [5:50]
  • Spending her entire summer savings in five days [8:00]
  • Homemade flour tortillas [8:55]
  • Why Xavier? [9:56]
    • Great proximity 
    • Free sports tickets
  • A student learning Russian [12:04]
  • Moon Handbooks [12:39]
  • Figure out the apps that are best where you’re going
  • Site Visits [15:30]
  • Advice for students thinking about studying abroad [17:33]
 Kim Diehl de Yanes
 Kim Diehl de Yanes
 Kim Diehl de Yanes

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