Julio Castro Study Abroad

“I always tell students that studying abroad was the most defining thing of my college experience” — Julio Castro 

I love when I have study abroad advisors on the show because they do a good job of getting students to take the plunge and study abroad.

This episode is no different.

Julio did a great job of recollecting his time of Spain and Germany, respectively. He also reminisced about transitioning into his own job while he was still studying abroad, which is a very real concern for lots of students who study abroad towards the end of their college careers.


  • What was going through Julio’s head prior to leaving for Spain [2:02]
  • Why Julio picked to study abroad in Spain and Germany [3:43]
  • The added travel that comes with Julio’s position as a study abroad advisor [6:45]
  • What it’s like to miss a flight while you study abroad [8:22]
  • Remembering the currywurst  [9:20]
  • How studying abroad changed Julio’s life [10:53]
  • Why Julio chose the college he did (this is as good of reason as any) [12:46]
  • Becoming and Instagram [14:08]
  • Advice to those who are thinking about studying abroad [15:25]

If everyone spent a semester overseas there would be no wars — Unkown


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