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“I’m definitely more open minded and patient with people who have a different world view than I do” — Sarah Eiden

A lot of people study abroad to sharpen their language skills, but Sarah Eiden went to become professionally proficient.


That sentence is merely scratching of surface of what a phenomenal trip she had. In addition to a plethora fo recommendations and stories, she also described what it was like to eat, sleep, and breathe Italian culture.

Listen up to this one if you’re interested in learning a language or traveling to Italy.

“She was unstoppable. Not because she did not have failures or doubts, bit because she continued on despite them.”

— Beau Taplin


  • Why Sarah chose Italy 🇮🇹 [1:34] (it went back to 2nd grade!)
  • How she chose Bologna, specifically 🧐 [3:54]
    • All her classes were in Italian
  • Scholarships and grants @ IU 💸 [5:45]
    • “They’re giving money away!”
  • A day in the life in Bologna 👩‍🏫 [7:41]
  • Seeing the rest of Italy, like a true Italian + Spain and Austria 🧳 [11:30]
  • Getting caught in a protest 👊 [12:09]
  • Learning how to make pasta from the masters of pasta making 🍝 [16:30]
  • Coming out ‘professionally proficient’ 🗣 [19:39]
  • How studying abroad made Sarah more comfortable 😇 [21:04]
  • Why Sarah decided to go to Indiana University 🎓 [25:46]
  • Duolingo, Memrise, and Cram 📱

If you want to learn how to make real Italian pasta I would reach out to Sarah. I figured showing you a garlic peeling hack, would be the next best thing:


The Garlic Peel Hack [Infographic]

Studying abroad in Bologna, Italy
Hotel Ristorante La Rosetta

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