During a virtual internship you’re preparing yourself for what we call; the fourth industrial resolution


  • So just what is Virtual Internships? 👨‍💼 [2:11]
  • Where and when can you do it? 📆 [4:17]
  • Why choose Virtual Internships over a traditional internship 👩‍💼 [6:01]
  • Rachael’s background and qualifications ✏️ [9:30]
  • What is the process that a student goes through in order to sign up 📝 [14:20]
  • Rachael recalls some of her favorite foods in the states (you’r never going to guess what she misses most) 🔓 [17:28]
  • Rachael regales with some good ole’ fashion travel stories (ostriches included) 🐦 [18:37]
  • Rachael’s interaction with Texans in Germany 🗣[20:00]
  • Intern Nation, Slack, Interns On Fire 🙌

“Studying abroad really catapulted me into my career”

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