Christian Tanja Schwarzman Scholars

“He recognized that there was a knowledge, skills, and network gap so he founded this to inform and educate different young leaders across different industries to work and collaborate together” Christian Tanja on Steven Schwarzman


  • The birth of SCHWARZMAN SCHOLARS [2:08]
  • The application process ✍ [4:10]
  • Eligibility requirements [5:16]
  • Defining and defying your version of leadership [7:37]
  • Collaborate and playing well with others [8:52]
  • Number of scholars currently selected annually through a competitive process [10:37]
  • Sharing stories and carrying out the mission through a steadily growing alumni network [12:16]
  • Duration of trips [12:50]
  • Recognizing the knowledge and network of China [14:32]
  • Going to the same university as current and past presidents of China [16:10]
  • Recruiting an eclectic group of students from around the world [16:52]
  • Application deadlines for both processes and what happens upon selection [18:57]
  • The role language plays in the process [21:40]
  • Doubts recipients face prior to their trip [24:21]
  • Learning from diverse backgrounds [27:50]
  • Schwarzman College [30:10]
  • The capstone project [34:15]
  • Excursions for the scholars [39:46]
  • Schwarman’s Youtube channel [43:48]
  • The magic of the mundane [46:07]
  • When is the best time to apply for the Schwarzman [49:18]
  • Christian’s Book Recommendations [53:10]
  • Media recommendations [56:42]
  • Re-applying for a Schwarzman Scholarship [59:00]

Learning About Schwarzman Scholars [Infogrpahic]

Schwarzman Scholars Admissions Webinar Video

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