Gillian Reinhard in China

“If you’re going to a city like Shanghai you’re going to meet a lot of other foreigners.” — Gillian Reinhard 🦘

In our first interview from China, Gillian Reinhard of Trinity College explains what it’s like to live and go to school in Shanghai at Fudan Univeristy. We learn that the food varies depending on the region, and the culture in Shanghai is not all that different from culture in the United States. We also learn that there is a Chinese app for everything, and in most of the cases the companies that build them are bigger than the companies in the United States (take DiDi, for example, which is China’s version of Uber).

“Nothing here is wrong, it’s just really different.” — Gillian’s study abroad program’s mantra and the quote she would like to leave you with. 




  • Why Gillian choose China  [1:45]
  • How Gillian set up her exchange and what her classes are like in Shanghai [3:26]
  • Gillian’s living situation and life in China [4:31]
  • The Chinese version of ______ [8:50]
  • Getting around Chinese internet [9:30]
  • Exploring China [10:53]
  • Reverse culture shock [12:30]
  • Being famous in China [16:15]
  • Chinese food (it depends on the region) [17:23] – Soup dumplings are Gillian’s favorite
  • AliPay – a must if you’re visiting China because everyone uses it [20:03] and DiDi which is the Chinese version of Uber
  • Gillian’s advice if you’re thinking about studying in China [22:48]
  • Eating in China vs. eating in the United States [24:45]

What You Need to Know About Studying Abroad in Shanghai [Infographic]


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