Alison Healy Dominican University

“It’s so important to get out of what you know. It’s so important to try something new and have that fish-out-of-water experience while you’re young.” – Alison Healy

Alison Healy is our first guest on the podcast that didn’t study abroad. And like any good teacher, she morphs her story into a learning experience for pretty any other student going through the same thing she did.

It wasn’t her fault…really! She got shot; with cupid’s arrow. It ended up working out for the best, but I’ll let Alison tell you the rest, herself.

We also learn about Dominican University (@dominicanu), how they’re a hispanic serving institution, and rival pretty much any school in the country as far as making study abroad accessible to their students.


  • Starting a career in helping people study abroad 💼 [1:21]
  • What it means to be an Hispanic Serving Institution like Dominican University 🎓 [2:37]
  • Not studying abroad due to falling in love 💘 [3:58]
  • Alison’s career path through teaching and supporting students with disabilities 📖 [7:13]
  • Keeping college affordable and welcoming at Dominican with no tuition and institutional aid 💸 [9:06]
  • Leading a study abroad excursion in Italy ✈ [13:24]
  • Exploring Baroque art and architecture and visiting the Vatican 🎨 [14:34]
  • Memorable meals of oxtail and Jewish artichokes 🍴 [18:10]
  • Horse bites in the crowded roads of Rome 🐎 [19:40]
  • Experiencing the Italian hospital system 🏥 [21:05]
  • Different study abroad opportunities at Dominican University 🚁 [24:12]
  • Recommendations and advice 🙌[26:18]

Valentines Day Traditions Around The World [Infographic] 

What about meeting someone while you’re abroad? Makes for a better story, no?

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