Lexa & Caroline Study Abroad

“One week, being in another country, you’re going to forget about what everyone else is doing in the U.S., and you’re going to be having so many of your own adventures that you’re not going to be homesick at all.” — Lexa & Caroline (@sippin_sangria)

This interview couldn’t have come at a better ⏰.


Because I just wrote a post about making lifelong friends abroad and Lexa Muehlbauer and Caroline ZuHone have done exactly that.

It’s really a great story, too:

They were at the same school and didn’t know each other; they went abroad, and then they did. A website ensued, and the rest is history.

If you’re looking to learn Spanish, get lost, make friends, or start a travel blog you should listen to what these two have to say. We also get into what you should do after you graduate.

I’m so glad I was able to get them on the show.

“I’m not lost, I’m just exploring”


  • Meeting in a small town outside of Madrid 👭 [1:55]Butler Blue
  • Deciding to study abroad with a faculty-led program in Spain 📓 [2:56]
  • Cultural learning with Spanish host families and TV 📺 [5:41]
  • Spanish-speaking program geared towards English-speaking students 💬 [7:47]
  • Making friends at pubs for international students 🍻 [9:22]
  • European travels every three-day weekend 🚠 [10:48]
  • Bonding through mountain misadventures in Barcelona 🗻 [11:52]
  • Amazing host mom chefs providing a fresh Mediterranean diet 🍳 [13:54]
  • Post-travel studies and career-paths 💵 [15:16]
  • Butler University’s small-campus vibe and other pros 🏡 [17:28]
  • Media recommendations 👩‍💻 [18:58]

Fall Into The Gap (Year) [Infographic]

*So given the niche of my podcast I’d like to preface this infographic with my two cents:

There are dozens of blog posts similar to the infographic below and I think it’s absolute b.s. to not take into account that you’re probably in debt at this point in your life, and ‘traipsing around Europe’ is probably the last thing on your mind. It makes sense to take a gap year if you do it tactfully.

Head on over to Sippin Sangria to see how Lexa & Caroline did it.

Lexa & Carline Adventures

Mediterranean Diet Video 

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