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“We’re all about pushing people outside their comfort zones and really inspiring them to get out there and see the world” Meg Jerrard

Given that this a website that focuses on study abroad, it is only natural that you get students who are rather bullish on the subject. Many have studied abroad twice, I interviewed one student who studied abroad four times and is actually planning a fifth trip.

Meg Jerrard studied abroad three times. But as we learn in her interview, that was just the beginning. Meg has been fortunate enough turn her passion for travel into a career, and we actually hear how (and why) she was able to do it.


  • Transforming travels from a gap year in the UK to a full time career blogging 🛫✒️ [1:42]
  • Post-graduation life while traveling and trying to keep a blog afloat 🎓 [5:21]
  • Standing out by sharing accessible adventures 🧗‍♀️ [6:38]
  • Planning for hobby vs business blogging 🗺 [8:10]
  • Marketing and social media strategies for a successful online identity 👩‍💻 [9:54]
  • Best food in the world in Italy with pizza, gelato, and wine all day 🍕🍨🍷 [13:49]
  • Recommendations and final quotes 🙌 [15:03]

Social Strategy [Infographic]

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