Ben Mcklefresh Iowa State University

“One thing that people don’t necessarily recognize is the relationships that form while you’re having that experience” — Ben Mckelfresh

Ben Mckelfresh studied abroad in Germany while in high school and once again in college while an undergrad at DePauw University. In between he did a semester in Copenhagen as well.

It’s a classic international tale of Ben bouncing around Europe and eventually ending up where he is now as the Marketing and Program Coordinator at Iowa State’s Study Abroad Center.

In this interview Ben does a terrific job of explaining the importance of maintaining the relationships you develop while abroad and also gives us a behind the scenes look at the process from an advisor’s point of view.

This interview is perfect if:

A) You’re interested in studying abroad in Germany or Copenhagen

B) A career in international education has ever crossed your mind


  • Ben’s early study abroad experience [1:45]
  • Exchange program in high school vs. college [4:30]
  • Ben’s first trip to Germany while in high school [6:40]
  • What Ben misses most about Germany [10:45]
  • Back to back semester in college: Germany round II and Copenhagen [14:10]
  • Traveling around Europe [17:19]
  • Life after college and working with DIS [18:37]
  • Site visits [20:39]
  • Serving as the ‘tour leader’ for his parents during their visit [24:00]
  • Why you should take a train (especially at night) [27:06]
  • The Doner Kebab 

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