Philip Baites and I at the IES film contestWe’re all on a journey and it’s not the places or sights you see that have a lasting impact on us, it’s the people” — Philip Baites

Philip Baites of UT Knoxville was the 2018 IES Abroad Study Abroad Film Festival winner. Not only was Philip the winner of the competition, he was also the first student we’ve had on the podcast to study abroad for an entire academic year.

Philip did a great job here, and for me it felt more like I was listening to a story than I was conducting an interview. His slight southern accent and calming voice make it clear why his music video took home the grand prize.

As with every interview, we touch on different topics surrounding Philip’s trip, but unlike every interview, he did some things not many others do, like receiving multiple scholarships and learning both Arabic and French.

Quote Philip would like to leave you with:

“The more life you live and the more experiences you have the more life you pour into your music” — Philip’s friend 

GPS Without The Tickets


  • Deciding on Morocco…for a year [01:55]
  • Learning Arabic [3:50]
  • The Boren and CLS Scholarships [6:07]
  • Studying Abroad with IES Abroad [9:28]
  • Coming home during winter break [10:40]
  • Juggling his passion [11:40]
  • A day in the life in Morocco (he got to surf) [14:50]
  • “Uncertainty is normal” [19:34]
  • Living arrangements [21:16]
  • The cheapest flight I’ve ever heard of [22:40]
  • Adventures [23:30]
  • Food in Morocco [26:31]
  • WordReference [29:30]
  • The Film Contest [30:52]
  • The production [37:21]

Popular Moroccan Food Video

Tangier to Casablanca – The Winner

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