Luci Bessinger in Amsterdam

“They experience life as it comes instead of planning and organizing like we constantly do here in the United States. It has definitely changed my perspective since I’ve been back” — Luci Bessinger 

When it comes to learning a language there is no better way than to immerse yourself. Luci Bessinger did just that, and from what I can tell had a blast in Barcelona, Spain, and the rest of Europe.

I’ve done a few interviews now, and Luci checked off all the boxes of what makes for an epic trip.

  • She learned a language
  • Something went wrong
  • She traveled to other counties other than the one she was living in

My favorite part of the interview was when Luci describes ‘the best’ meal she’s ever had. I’m going to make you listen to find out what was included and for how much.

Have fun with this interview, I know I did.

“Life is what happens outside of your planning”

GPS Without The Tickets


  • Deciding on Spain  [1:30]
  • Luci’s living situation in Spain [3:14]
  • Living with students at two different colleges in Barcelona [4:18]
  • Taking classes in Barcelona [5:50]
  • Protests in Spain [7:08]
  • Learning Spanish [10:04]
  • How studying abroad changed Luci’s view of the world [12:34]
  • Getting trapped in Sevilla [15:26]
  • Exploring the rest of Spain and Europe [17:23]
  • Food in Barcelona [18:44]
  • The most amazing meal Luci has ever had at [19:50]
  • Alert Traveler and Rick Steves [22:22]
  • Luci explains a quote [24:00]

Barcelona Food Tour Video

Language Learning / Four Steps [Infographic]

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