Abby Haley is study abroad in Paris France

“I enjoyed myself so much more than I ever could have hoped that I did and in ways that I could have never expected”  Abby Haley 

The more interviews I do on the show, the more enamored I am with the country of France. When studying abroad in Europe almost everyone takes advantage of the cheap flights to explore other areas of the continent. You can’t go everywhere, but it seems like Paris is almost never left off the list of places students make a point to visit.

Enter Abby Haley, who is our first Parisian we’ve had on the show. A junior at Ithaca College, Abby decided to study abroad with a program called CEA and seems to be loving every minute of it.

This is just a great interview for anyone interested in studying abroad. There are great stories and recommendations, and you really get a feel for what it’s like to live in the city of love.

Quote Abby would like to leave us with:

“Only the gentle are ever really strong” — James Dean 


  • Mixing in art history with Paris (naturally) [1:17]
  • Deciding how long to go and with what program [2:34]
  • Affiliated vs. unaffiliated study abroad programs and scholarships [3:51]
  • Why Abby decided to go in the fall instead of the spring [5:07]
  • Dividing and conquering Europe with her friends [5:40]
  • Abby’s living situation in the heart of Paris [6:07]
  • Going to ‘classes’ in Paris [7:26]
  • The happenings of the weekends [9:10]
  • Exploring the rest of Europe [10:32]
  • Getting her phone stolen [11:54]
  • The food and wine, it’s Paris! [15:04]
  • Getting around in Paris [17:35]
  • Media and app recommendations [18:58]
  • Language barriers in Paris [20:58]
  • Advice for someone thinking about studying abroad [21:56]

5 Things To Try in Paris [Infographic]


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