Alison Ryncarz of DIS study abroad

They have no idea what they’re about to get into; these experiences, friendships, and academic accomplishments they’re going to make. And you see them right at the cusp of all that when they’re consumed with nerves and doubt” — Alison Ryncarz 🦘

In my first Copenhagen, Denmark interview I speak with Alison Ryncarz. Alison graduated, but she did such a good job of talking about her experience that you would think she was back in Copenhagen and speaking to us in between her classes.

This is also my first experience with DIS which is the organization that Alison works for now. They focus specifically on Scandinavia and have (in my humble opinion) a very cool website. If you’re thinking about either Copenhagen, Stockholm, or even both, I’d recommend getting in touch with DIS.

Alison does explained the process in this interview and also talks about the multitute scholarship opportunities that are available if you decide to go through DIS.

We also learn and hear a story about Woofing, which is something Alison did during her time there.

Quote Alison would like to leave us with:

“Fail often in order to succeed sooner” Ideo 


GPS Without The Tickets


  • Spending a semester in Copenhagen [1:28]
  • “Course Integrated Study Tours” [2:50]
  • Signing up with DIS [3:49]
  • Pre departure course [5:03]
  • Scholarships available through DIS [6:23]
  • Alison’s psyche prior to her departure and how why she picked Denmark [8:18]
  • What you can do to prepare for your trip before you leave [10:19]
  • What the class structure looks like during a semester with DIS [12:15]
  • Time to poke around other parts of Europe [14:17]
  • Woofing [16:15]
  • Copenhagen breakfasts [20:23]
  • The Defining Decade [23:53]

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