Jerrica Huber studying abroad in Australia

“I really got to explore myself and another culture and it opened up a lot of opportunities for me.” — Jerrica Huber 🦘

Jerrica Huber is our first study abroad student on the show who is in the medical field. She was actually the first student to at University of South Dakota to set up a clinical rotation, but make no mistake, she gave herself plenty of time to explore Australia as we learn in the interview. Jerrica explained the culture she was immersed in as good as anyone I’ve talked to, and she also taught me a thing or two about life down under.

This interview is perfect if you’re thinking about Australia or are involved in the medical field.

Jerrica eventually sent this quote, which is quite profound.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes”Marcel Proust




  • Setting up a clinical rotation abroad [1:59]
  • Getting there early and staying late [5:30]
  • Finances and planning the trip [8:24]
  • Justifying the cost and applying for jobs [10:23]
  • Central air in Australia (I did not know this) [11:55]
  • Doubts Jerrica had before leaving [14:20]
  • Setting up an AirBnB as a place to live [16:00]
  • Staying in hostels [19:12]
  • Jerrica’s advice for someone who is thinking about studying abroad [22:01]
  • Epic travel stories [24:54]
  • Australian accents [28:00]
  • Poking around Australia and the culture [31:35]
  • Seafood down under [38:21]
  • Roadtrippers [44:05]

3 Study Abroad Hacks with Jerrica Huber [Infographic]

How Jerrica set up a clinical rotation in Australia

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