UT-Austin Mattison Gotcher

“Think about it ahead of time and also have money prepared” Mattison Gotcher 

Mattison Gotcher San Jose, Costa Rica

Mattison Gotcher (@mdgotcher) is a communications major at UT-Austin and she wanted to learn Spanish through immersion. So, she did what any rational college student would do; she packed her bags, and headed south to Costa Rica for the summer. Mattison lived in San Jose for two months, but she didn’t just take classes. She also did some volunteer work which she talks about in the interview.




  • Why Mattison chose San Jose, Costa Rica 🇨🇷 [1:07]
  • Doing volunteer work 😇 [3:30]
  • Why living abroad is humbling 😌 [4:45]
  • Remembering lunches in Costa Rica 🥪 [5:37]
  • Getting into the logistics of Mattison’s trip 🗺 [7:09]
  • Missing gallo pinto and coffee ☕️ [9:06]
  • Mattison’s advice if for students planning to study abroad 🙌 [11:07]
  • Having a perfect day in Costa Rica 🏖 [11:44]
  • Coffee Break Español – Mattison’s podcast recommendation 🎙 [13:05]

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How To Make The Perfect Gallo Pinto Video

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