Minel Cannucciari in Seoul South Korea

“Life is short and I just wanna have direction and purpose in my life.” — Minel Cannucciari 

Minel Cannucciari studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea last summer and liked it so much that she is thinking about studying abroad again. She did an exchange program and was able to squeeze in a whooping 13 credits in one month during her trip.

In this interview Minel talks about how she was able do a work study while abroad in order to help with the finances. She also talks about how now is the perfect time to study abroad which, in my opinion, is advice that people much older usually give, so she is wise beyond her years. All in all, she does of really good job of explaining what it was like to live in Seoul for a month, and she makes you feel like were actually there with her.

Quote Minel would like to leave you with:

“I don’t want to be a person with full hands resting from dreams, but a person full of dreams unable to rest as hands” Tablo 




  • Why Minel chose Seoul and how she went about planning her study abroad journey [1:40]
  •  Utilizing her school’s exchange program with Hanyang University [3:30]
  • Options for living arrangements with her exchange program [3:53]
  • How Minel afforded it [4:30]
  • Adjusting to an intensive, but well worth it, course load [5:58]
  • Who Minel went to school with [7:58]
  • Why the when was important [9:50]
  • A perfect South Korean day (and night(almost)) [11:08]
  • Advice to a student who is on the bubble about studying abroad [12:55]
  •  Korean fried chicken [14:24] (this looks soooo good)
  • Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng and Rob Has a Podcast [16:30]
  • Explaining what the above quote means [18:37]
  • Thinking about study abroad round two [20:30]

What You Might Not Know About Seoul [Infographic]

3 interesting facts about Seoul


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