Callie Ronstrom, Study Away Coordinator at UW-Superior

“Through our foundation we have a handful of differnet scholarships that are specifically for study abroad”  Callie Ronstrom 

Coming to you from the northern most college in Wisconsin is Callie Ronstrom, the Study Away Coordinator at UW – Superior. At the beginning of the interview Callie talks about the driving force behind her first study abroad experience, which happened to be the reason I studied abroad as well. She also does a great job of explaining the plethora study away scholarships that are available to students not just nationally, but at each individual college as well.


  • The reason Callie took her first study abroad trip [1:40]
  • What makes UW — Superior unique [3:10]
  • Reciprocity between Minnesota and Wisconsin [5:00]
  • Callie gets into the scholarships and grants set aside specifically for study abroad students [5:55]
  • Callie’s rat story from Guatemala [8:15]
  • Zesty Guatamalian tortillas [12:23]
  • Who Callie who have dinner with [13:20]
  • Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris [13:50]
  • Callie’s travel quote recommendation [15:00]

Guatemalan Tortillas Video

4 Take Aways From Callie’s Interview [Infographic]

Callie Ronstrom's interview illustrated

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