Megan Baker; Carrol University's study abroad coordinator

“You’ll find yourself. You will appreciate people, you will appreciate cultures, languages, and food on an entirely different level and will talk about these experiences for the rest of your life” — Megan Baker

Carroll University's Megan Baker

“There’s no way I can study abroad, I already work.”

 If that sounds like you then listen up. You can study abroad while working not one, not two, but in Megan’s case three jobs and still find time study study abroad for an entire semester. That’s what Megan did.

In addition to learning about Megan’s German experience, we hear about Carrol University’s Cross Cultural Experience program, how Megan snorkeled her way through The Great Barrier Reef and her media de-recommendations.

We talk Turkish food in Germany, getting over the fear of studying abroad, and of course, how you can study abroad while working.

The more I see, the less I know, for sure” — John Lennon




Megan’s book recommendation

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

-She also recommended reading the local paper or magazines while you are abroad. Good tip!


  • Megan’s experience with The Wisconsin Hessen Exchange Program 🧀 [1:04]
  • Getting over her fear of studying abroad 👀 [2:42]
  • How to pay for your study abroad experience 💰 [4:40]
  • Working your way through school juggling multiple jobs 👷‍♀️[6:16]
  • Megan talks about the study abroad scholarship process 💸 [7:08]
  • The Cross Cultural Experience (CCE) at Carrol University 🎓 [9:19]
  • More on scholarships 📝 [10:10]
  • Discussing domestic study away options 🇺🇸[11:10]
  • Megan’s advice for a student thinking about studying abroad 🙌[12:33]
  • Scuba diving at The Great Barrier Reef 🐠[15:05]
  • Megan’s food recommendations 🌭[18:40]
  • Why there is an abundance of Turkish food in Germany 🥪[21:00]
  • Megan’s media warning and recommendations 📺 [24:13]
  • If you’re hesitating about studying abroad 😕[27:37]

Study Abroad While Working [Infographic]You can definitely study abroad if you're working your way through college

Video About The Turkish Food in Germany 

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