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“They’re right to be scared of it, they’re right to be a little terrified but need to realize that it will make them stronger people” — Dr. Elizabeth Brewer 🦘

Elizabeth Brewer Profile

Having grown up on and around military bases in both Europe in the United States, Elizabeth Brewer talks about how her childhood laid the groundwork for what has turned out to be a long, fulfilled career helping students study abroad.

Throughout her 16 years at Beloit College. Dr. Brewer is particularly proud of the fact that Beloit College students take ownership of their study abroad, creating plans for how their studies at a particular university abroad will add value to their education.

Most don’t take the traditional route of using a  study abroad program. And in this interview, Elizabeth explains why.

It also might be a good reason why roughly 40 percent of Beloit college students study abroad which is 50 percent above the national average.

Elizabeth does a great job with this interview, and after you settle in and listen for a few minutes you’ll feel like you are sitting in her office and having a one-on-one conversation about studying abroad and international education.

“The first person you meet when you travel is yourself” — Alan Cornes

“The great fear is that departure is the state of being abandoned even though it is you who leaves” —Edward Said

“Something had happened to him that could never be undone” — Henry James

Stop. And read these quotes over again, they’re extremely profound and really make you think about what it really means to live in a different world for an extended period of time.




  • How Elizabeth’s childhood on military bases laid the groundwork for her career 🎖 [1:00]
  • Elizabeth’s breadth of international education experience 🗺 [3:51]
  • What makes Beloit College unique 🏫[3:45]
  • Beloit College’s take on international education 👩‍🏫[11:50]
  • The feeling you get when you feel like you’re a part of the culture 😇[15:20]
  • Finding fresh, local, food 🥒 [19:21]
  • Who Elizabeth would have dinner with and why 🍽 [23:00]
  • Elizabeth’s three book recommendations and quotes explained 📚 [26:10]

    Family Life by Akhil Sharma

    Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

    The Worst Journey In The Word by Apsley Cherry-Garrard

  • Advice if you’re on the bubble about studying abroad 🙌 [31:30]

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