You’ve gotta imagine the irony of me blogging about why a podcast is better than a blog. In reality, that’s more of a catchy title because my main point of attraction on this website is of course, a podcast. Not too long ago I read that in today’s digital age, a podcast is now the radio, a blog is the newspaper, and Youtube is T.V. That couldn’t be more true, especially for those in college who are probably consuming their Netflix on a device in their room as opposed to a T.V.

What I am getting at here is the ability to listen, or being more systematic about this; being able to consume information when you couldn’t otherwise. You can listen to a podcast when you’re working out, driving, or taking a show, but you can’t read a blog. That is my point, and a big reason why I decided to start a podcast.

I remember my sophomore year of college they had a representative from the Wall Street Journal come and sell papers to my entire macroeconomics class. He told us that the average subscriber made upwards of $200,000 a year. I subscribed, and I’m sure a lot of others did as well. You’ve got the same thing with podcasting, as you can see in the infographic below, podcast listeners appear to be an affluent bunch, and I don’t think its a coincidence.

Another cool thing about podcasting is that we Americans are ahead of the curve with it as we are with most things dealing with technology. When you take your journey you can introduce others to podcasting as a way to introduce them to other colorful personalities or ways to learn.

Why A Podcast VS. A Blog? You Can’t Read a Blog in The Shower [INFOGRAPHIC]

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