Scholarships and Studying Abroad in Ireland with Morgan Kistler

“In the back of my mind I was little nervous because I had never traveled by myself before but it ended up being one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me” — Morgan Kistler 🦘 Morgan Kistler goes to The University of South Dakota, but not this semester. No no, this semester […]

Jamie Fleming On The Importance Of Study Abroad

 “One of my biggest passions for sending students abroad is opening up their perspectives and their world views to see that maybe there are other ways of thinking about things” – Jamie Fleming  SHOW NOTES  Why Jamie decided to study abroad [0:47] Three different locations! (but be aware of the challenges) Rolling up her sleeves […]

12.5 Places To Consider Studying Abroad

Ok, so here’s what I did: Every study abroad company compiles annual lists of the most popular study abroad destinations based on data from students that studied abroad with them. I looked at all the lists and simply combined them into one, super list, which you can find below. The beauty of it is that […]

How (and why) To Go Abroad After You Graduate With Corinne Kenny

“I’ve never had a student come back saying they regret studying abroad, but I have met with multiple students saying that they regret not studying abroad.” – Corinne Kenny Currently a graduate assistant at UW – Lacrosse, Corinne studied abroad in Granada, Spain; one of the many hidden, beautiful cities in Europe that you’ve never […]

Studying Abroad in Prague with Hannah Lutz

“What I hear from everybody is ‘you’ll never regret going longer’” — Hannah Lutz  Hannah Lutz is the first student I’ve interviewed that studied abroad in Prague. She is also the first student that used CIEE, which is a great, non profit, 3rd party program to help you get to where you want to go. Her classes […]

Studying Abroad in Dublin? Let Amanda Hackney Show You How

“I don’t think there’s any experience as eye opening and rewarding.” — Amanda Hackney Amanda Hackney studied abroad in Dublin and in this interview we’re going to find out exactly why. As you will see in the show notes, Amanda’s trip did not get off to a very good start 😂. She actually missed a connecting […]

Studying (and interning) Abroad in Dublin With Jessica Kisluk

“It’s been an amazing experience because I’ve been planning events for networking between composers, directors, and writers.” – Jessica Kisluk 🦘 In this interview I talk with Jessica about her unique study abroad experience. Although she’s technically studying abroad for a semester, she will have spent the better part of this year in Europe due to […]

How To Decide Where To Study Abroad

I’d describe the beginning of the study abroad process as signing up for classes, finding a new apartment, and buying a car wrapped together. You hear the term “make or break” thrown around a lot. I won’t go so far as to say that a good relationship will either make or break your study abroad […]