How Your Study Abroad Location Can Influence Your Career Path With Tara Efobi

“It was what I needed to keep propelling me forward in the degree that I was pursuing”  — Tara Efobi (@taraefobi) Tara Efobi studied abroad and the process worked for her. She was studying fashion and now works in – you guessed it – fashion. The destination for the interview was Copenhagen, the capital of […]

How Studying Abroad in Germany Changed The Trajectory of Ben Mckelfresh’s Career

“One thing that people don’t necessarily recognize is the relationships that form while you’re having that experience” — Ben Mckelfresh Ben Mckelfresh studied abroad in Germany while in high school and once again in college while an undergrad at DePauw University. In between he did a semester in Copenhagen as well. It’s a classic international tale of […]

Studying Abroad in Newcastle with Caroline Sass

“I thought I was cultured, but really going out on your own and living 9,000 miles away just opened my eyes” — Caroline Sass Caroline Sass did a great job with this interview, straight up. She didn’t realize it at the time but she probably gave the most succinct description of setting up a study […]

Getting Paid To Study Abroad in Auckland With Jonathan Mennecke

“As long as they’re on the ball and getting things done before deadlines they’ll be able to study abroad and be successful at it, too.” — Jonathan Mennecke  Jonathan Mennecke is currently studying abroad at Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand. He goes to Iowa State University and was a pre-med student at the time of […]

Studying Abroad in Europe with Tiera Salitros

“When you’re in groups of people traveling you’re constantly worrying about those people” — Tiera Salitros  Tiera Salitros is a design major who is studying abroad in Rome right now through a special program at Iowa State. It’s special because she is technically still going to school at Iowa State this semester even though she is living […]