Tara Efobi study abroad

“It was what I needed to keep propelling me forward in the degree that I was pursuing”  Tara Efobi (@taraefobi)

Tara Efobi studied abroad and the process worked for her. She was studying fashion and now works in – you guessed it – fashion.

The destination for the interview was Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, which is part of Scandinavia. Tara, however, (like most students) did her fair share of traveling during her time there.

This is the first time I’ve interviewed someone where something didn’t go wrong, so it was a ‘running on all cylinders, full speed ahead’ journey. Tara was also the first student on the show who rented a bicycle during her time abroad, which I think is a terrific idea. Did I mention she’s got a decent Instagram and Youtube following?

Fashion ✅ Influencing ✅ Time of your life…✅ I genuinely had a lot of fun on this interview, and I think you will, too.


  • Why Tara decided to study abroad through DIS [00:51]
  • Scholarships & grants [3:02]
  • “I never saw myself as being a study abroad kid” [5:03]
  • What an average day was like in Copenhagen [6:54]
    • Renting a bicycle
  • Tara’s travels [10:31]
  • NOTHING went wrong [12:54]
  • A jumbo cinnamon roll from 7/11 [15:00]
  • How studying abroad helped Tara with her career [18:38]
  • Getting social and landing a dream job after school [24:47]
  • Why Tara decided to go to Iowa State [26:08]
  • Recommendations [30:00]
  • Advice if you’re thinking about studying abroad [30:58]
Tara Efobi talks brunch
Brunch is big in Denmark

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