“It will put you out of your comfort zone, and that might be hard, but it will definitely be worth it.”Meghan Haddy

Meghan Haddy is the first student on the show who studied abroad in Greece. I’m surprised more people don’t study abroad here given the climate, exchange rate, and available cuisine.

In my opinion, Greece is the world’s best kept secret as far as a potential study abroad destination goes.

With Athens as her home base, Meghan was able to visit several other Islands and countries in between her classes at The American College of Greece.

Traveling isn’t always pretty, it isn’t always comfortable.  Sometimes it hurts, even breaks your heart. That’s OK. The journey changes you, it should change you.  It leaves a mark on your memory, your conscience, on your heart and your body, and you take something with you, and hopefully you leave something good behind.

  Anthony Bourdain


  • Reasons for choosing Greece 🇬🇷 [1:35] Meghan Haddy Athens
  • Process for studying abroad and receiving financial aid 💸 [2:50]
  • Facing the nervousness of living in a different country 🛫 [4:22]
  • Daily life and living situation while attending school in Athens 🏘 [6:34]
  • Visiting the Greek Islands and other European countries 🏝 [11:15]
  • Befriending a cute dog while hiking in Nafplio 🐕 [12:50]
  • Fries in gyros and other Greek cuisine 🥙 [15:24]
  • Adjusting to the Greek sleep schedule and other cultural shifts 🛌 [17:26]
  • How living in different countries can change you [20:52]
  • Why Meghan decided to attend UNI 🎓 [22:49]
  • Media recommendations and final thoughts [24:38]

10 Reasons To Study Abroad in Greece [Infographic]

Video of The Adorable Dog From Her Hike 

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