Mark Stucker from Your College Bound Kid

“It will be one of the most profound experiences of their life; something that when they’re 80, they’ll have distinct memories of, and it will change their worldview forever” — Mark Stucker

Mark Stucker has been involved in higher education for 20 years. He hosts a podcast called Your College Bound Kidand owns an education consultancy called School Match 4U that helps students find the right college, get admitted to that college and get the money to make it affordable.

It was a breath of fresh air having Mark on the show to hear a parent’s perspective of having a child study abroad.

When we have students, advisors, and bloggers on they tell the story of their journey, and here, Mark tells the story of his children studying abroad from his perspective, and it’s different…good, different.

Within that story there is a dash of philosophy, a pinch of advice, and a sprinkle of tips scattered throughout the interview.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your time Mark Stucker, I know I did.

“Travel is the best educator”

“College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won” — One of Mark’s favorite quotes from the college admission process 


  • Mark’s life after college [2:27]
  • Founding School Match 4U and Your College Bound Kid [3:08]
  • An innovative approach to podcasting  [3:45]
  • Mark’s daughters studying abroad [9:00]
  • Being a parent of children that study abroad [13:22]
  • The potential effects studying abroad can have on one’s career early on [16:10]
  • Mark’s advice for parents of students that are planning to study abroad  [19:17] (Here’s mine)

“We Regret To Inform You” [Infographic]

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