Aaron Horwath of 12HourDifference

“What employers are looking for, in my opinion, is people who are already demonstrating the skills that they’re trying to sell employers to.” — Aaron Horwath

We usually have advisors or students on the show, but today we had a blogger; Aaron Horwath of 12HourDifference was kind enough to take the time to sit down and interview with me.

12HourDifference is a blog that helps students who want to work abroad after graduation.

Even if you don’t plan on living abroad after graduation the blog (and also this interview) is packed with great advice on how to stick out after you receive your diploma.

Here’s a hint: it’s so much more than a traditional resume, now.

If you are interested in living abroad Aaron does a great job of explaining what it’s like like to actually live in a different country.

GPS Without The Tickets


  • Aaron’s background [1:43]
  • How to go beyond the resume [5:44]
  • Working abroad after graduation [10:30]
  • The type of person who lives abroad [13:38]
  • A day in the life in Vietnam [15:00]
  • Self Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson

10 Surprising Facts About Vietnam [Infographic]

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