Martyn Megaloudis in Sydney, Australia

“I had always planned on going abroad, it seemed like a quintessential college thing to do”  — Martyn Megaloudis 

Martyn Megaloudis is a marketing major at Pitt where he plans to graduate in three years. But before he does he is spending a semester in Sydney where he is going to school and interning. Martyn is from New Jersey, so he is actually saving money by studying abroad this semester because he is an out of state student.

In this interview we learn that you can eat Kangaroo, there is no tipping in Sydney, and to definitely visit Spice Alley if you are ever down under.

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  • Graduating in 3 years [2:10]
  • Deciding between Sydney and London [3:05]
  • Applying to scholarships through Pitt [4:09]
  • How studying abroad actually saved Martyn money [4:58]
  • Interning in Sydney [7:48]
  • The similarities and differences between Sydney and the United States…no tipping?! [11:00]
  • Martyn’s advice to someone thinking about studying abroad [14:04]
  • Taking classes through CAPA [16:08]
  • Living at Urbanest [17:45]
  • Food in Australia and frequenting Spice Alley in Sydney [19:01]
  • Listening to Spotify for 6,000 hours [22:02]

5 Reasons You Should Listen To This Interview About Studying Abroad in Australia [Infographic]

Martyn Megaloudis studying abroad in Australia and 5 reasons you should listen to his interview

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