John Morris, Citrus College

Life for Citrus College study abroad students was different during the pandemic and John Morris sits down with us today to tell us exactly what it was like. Also, as luck would have it, John actually studied abroad immediately after 9/11, so he shares what that was like as well.


  • A little about Citrus College 🏛 [1:01]
    • Faculty led programs [2:50]
  • Studying abroad at The University of Amsterdam 🇳🇱 [3:00] 
    • Taking classes with Dutch students and faculty 
  • What studying abroad at Citrus was like during Covid 😷 [3:47]
  • What it was like to study abroad after 9/11 🗽 [5:20]
  • Why most students don’t study abroad 💸 [6:20]
  • Living in Japan and missing the sushi 🍣  [8:55]
  • Japanese literature 📚 [12:15]
  • Duolingo
  • Advice John would give to someone who is thinking about studying abroad [14:23]
    • How a lot of people never have the opportunity to to travel again